Loki Finally Gets His Own Movie Thanks To A Fan

Tom Hiddleston’s Loki isn’t a titular lead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, instead losing the spotlight to both Chris Hemsworth’s Thor and the collective Avengers, but some fans don’t seem to think that’s really fair. Hence why we now have the “feature” below, which is a re-edited cut of Thor, The Avengers and Thor: The Dark World called Loki: Brother of Thor: As you can tell by watching the movie - which clocks in at a little over two hours and 15 minutes - this is no mere cut, reassemble and paste job. Instead, Vimeo user Loki Odinson has actually done …
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The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Is Getting The Best Screening Ever

Maybe you’ve been to a marathon screening of each Lord of the Rings movie. But you’ve never been to one like this. Lincoln Center in New York City has played host to stage productions, movie shoots, concerts and operas, but next spring, it’s symphony space will be home to The Lord of the Rings in Concert for just five days. Gothamist tipped us to this extraordinary cinematic event. Taking place from April 8th through April 12th, 2015, The Lord of the Rings in Concert will screen The Fellowship of the Rings, The Two Towers and Return of the King, twice over …
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Edge Of Tomorrow Just Hit A Major Milestone For Tom Cruise

On its opening weekend, Edge Of Tomorrow (yes, that’s the title we’re sticking with) got its ass kicked byThe Fault In Our Stars. Already, everyone was jumping on the train blaming the film’s title, marketing campaign, and even Warner Bros itself for the film’s apparent failure at the box office this past June. However, in a year of weak numbers all around, perhaps it’s time to re-examine Edge Of Tomorrow’s box office profile. Especially today, as it has officially crawled past the $100 million mark. Gitesh Pandya of Box Office Guru called the shot this morning with the following tweet: EdgeOfTomorrow …
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Back To The Future Planning A Massive, Immersive 30th Anniversary Screening

Fire up the DeLorean, because we’re about to go back in time with Secret Cinema’s just announced L.A. screening of Back to the Future! The company has revealed plans to bring the popular event to Los Angeles just in time for the film’s 30th anniversary next year. Previously, the film screened in London – where over 75,000 people attended (at a whopping price of $88.50 each), in order to watch Robert Zemeckis’ beloved 1985 film in a fully recreated Hill Valley. THR reports that the showings in the UK were so successful that they not …
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Meet The Scrappy Pit Boss Character Cut From Guardians Of The Galaxy

Movies are complicated creations that can change dramatically from the first draft of a script to the film’s final cut. And one of these changes for Guardians of the Galaxy is pictured right here. Shared by James Gunn via Instagram, this post reveals a scrappy Pit Boss who apparently had a run-in with Drax before he drunk dialed Ronan the Accuser. The caption for this behind-the-scenes Guardians of the Galaxy pic reads: “#gotgpicoftheday One of the tough things about making a film is sometimes you have to cut performances from the film, not because there was anything wrong with the …
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Monsters: Dark Continent Gets A Full, Terrifying Trailer

Before Gareth Edwards became famous for making Godzilla, the filmmaker was best known for his work on the 2010 indie film Monsters. That feature felt like a bit of a test run for Edwards’ take on one of Kaiju cinema’s most enduring creations, even if it was quiet and restrained where the Godzilla films of old were often boisterous and destructive. Monsters garnered so much love from the general public that a sequel seemed like a viable idea – albeit without Edwards sitting behind the camera — and you can see the first trailer above. Tom Green (no, …
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This Is What Jason Momoa Would Have Looked Like In Guardians Of The Galaxy

If critical and audience reception of the film is any indication, then most of us will agree that Dave Bautista truly killed it in his performance as Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy. But in the months before Bautista signed on for the role, Marvel Studios was actually looking at someone else for the role: Jason Momoa. One can’t say how the presence of the Game of Thrones actor may have changed the movie - for better or for worse - but what is interesting is that today we have a much clearer idea of what he would …
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Keanu Reeves Is 50: Celebrate His Range With These 5 Films

It’s hard to believe, but Keanu Reeves turns 50 today. And a solid chunk of those five decades has gone toward creating movies that — whether heralded or hated, brilliant or bonkers — have been wildly entertaining. To pay tribute to the star whose name is Hawaiian for “cool breeze over the mountains,” we’ve come up with five ways to toast the wonder that is Keanu Reeves. Pick your poison (as in picture) then pair it with an on-theme treat to make tonight’s dinner and a movie a perfect celebration of one of Hollywood’s most fascinating and unflappable stars. Plus we’ll …
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Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game Win The Telluride Battle For Oscar Buzz

The thing about “buzz” – authentic, palpable buzz – is that it has to be earned. Certain movies can go into a film festival with studio-generated “buzz.” And the quality of the film either strengthens or decimates that energy. But the films that have The Goods produce their own buzz because they are excellent films that benefit from word-of-mouth publicity. One such film with serious momentum at the moment is Benedict Cumberbatch’s The Imitation Game. Directed by Morten Tyldum, The Imitation Game tells the story of World War II codebreaker Alan Turing, a brilliant English mathematician who helped …
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Proof That DC And Warner Bros Plan to Do A Solo Aquaman Movie

Over the past year or so, DC Comics and Warner Bros have been accelerating their entry into the connecting franchise game. What started out as a sequel to 2013’s lukewarm blockbuster Man Of Steel turned into the beefed up Justice League prequel we now call Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, which promises to introduce heroes that we’ve never seen in cinematic outings before. One such hero that’s been dangled before our eyes is Aquaman, and though we’re still lacking an official confirmation, we have another back-channel clue that the son of Atlantis will rise from the seas and onto …
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This Is What Hawkeye Was Going To Do In Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In the summer of 2012 The Avengers took the summer by storm. It gave new fuel to fire our love of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. Plus resurrected our interests in Black Widow and The Hulk. Then there’s Hawkeye. The steely archer of this dysfunctional superhero ensemble got the short end of the stick, playing Loki’s brainwashed henchman for most of its running time. And it turns out Hawkeye got spurned once more in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which his killer action scene was scrapped before it even shot. In an interview with Screen Rant, Captain America: The …
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Meet The Man Who Opened A Mad Max 2 Museum In Australia

There are no shortage of reasons to take a trip to Australia. From swimming in the crystal clear waters near the Great Barrier Reef to cuddling up with kangaroos and koalas, the country is a tourist’s dream destination. If that all sounds a little too pedestrian for you, then perhaps a vacation built around exploring the Mad Max 2 Museum is more your speed. Adrian Bennett is one of the many fans of the 1981 cult classic, but he wasn’t content to just talk about his love for The Road Warrior on Internet message boards and Facebook. No, …
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Tuesday Movie Memo: Hey Academy, Consider Guardians Of The Galaxy For The Oscars

Very few of us might have guessed it going into the 2014 movie year, but at the end of the summer, James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy is the year’s biggest hit. The biggest. As in, no movie has earned more money in 2014 than Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s a powerhouse. It’s our leader. But is this just the beginning? As we transition from the summer season to the fall, our minds start to drift away from blockbusters like Guardians and on to the annual awards race. But why do they have to …
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Dracula Untold International Trailer Reveals New Footage And Much Rage

Maybe you think you know the story of Dracula, but Dracula Untold is unfurling a drama-packed revamp of the classic vampire tale full of gruesome war, family loyalty, and heinous curses. In the trailer above, see Luke Evans (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Fast & Furious 6) as Vlad Tepes, a man who will risk anything to save his family from the greedy maws of war, even if it means becoming a monster. Dracula Untold, or Dracula: Year Zero as it seems it’s being called overseas, is intended to be a key step in Universal Pictures effort to reboot their …
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Can You Guess The Acclaimed Director Behind These GAP Ads?

Lots of big name directors earn a sweet payday for a short jaunt of work helming commercials. But can you guess the auteur behind the four new ads for The GAP? We’ll help you out by dropping one hint for each of the videos here. The first clue is that this director got his start helming commercials, including one for the American Cancer Society that involved a smoking fetus. He later went on to helm music videos before making the leap to narrative filmmaking. Despite the use of black and white in all four of these ads (tipped by JoBlo, …
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